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Industrial Electical & PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers)
All types of pushbuttons, Levers, Switches & Knobs, Emergency Stop, Sirens, Panel Alarms, Tower Lights, Beacons, , Interlock Switches, Limit Switches, Level Switches, Rotating Cam, Pressure Sensing, Speed Switching, Proximity switches/sensors, Photoelectric, Ultrasonic, Temperature Sensing, Current Phase, Rotation, Motor Starters, Overload Relays, Contactors, Soft Starters, Relay, Timers, Ground Fault, Motor Heaters, Terminal Blocks, Transformers, AC/DC VFD's, Gear Boxes, Servo Motors, Speed Drives, Invertors, Light Curtains, PLC Modules/Card: Communications, Input/Output, DCS, Memory, Operator Interface Panel, CPU, Processor/Controller, Rack/Chasis,Cable/Connector, Software, Amplifier, Servo Controller, Complete Systems. Circuit Breakers, Distribution Panel, Fuse Holders, Fuse Block.Lighting Controls, All types of robots & parts.
Mag Locks, Rex/Motion Sensors, Crash Bars, Push Buttons, Card Access Panels, Door Panels, HID Card Readers, Power Supply, Loop Sensors, Burglar Alarm Panels, Wireless Keypads, Wireless Motion Sensors, Receivers, Remotes, Door Contacts, Alarm Management Controllers, Sirens/Lights, Eas Tags, Transformers, Cellular Transceivers, Panic Switches/Alarms, Software.
Actuator, Valve, Zone Valves, VFD's, Twinning Kits, Transformers, Thermostats, Thermal Expansion Valves, Replacement Coils, Pilot Burners, Ignition Control Board, Ignitor, Contactors, Defrost Timers, Head Pressure Controls, Manometer, Fluid Power Gas Actuators, UV Scanner, Boiler Controls, Pressure Controls, CO2 Sensor, Zone Panels, Rectifiacation Flame Amplifier, Programmer Module, Dehumidistat, Direct Spark Ignition, Pressure Transducer, Temperature Sensor, Temperature Switch, Valve Actuator, Burner Controller, Spring Return Actuators, Purge Timing Card, Purple Peeper, Electronic Temperature Control, Immersion Heater, Servo Control, Asco Valves, Low Pressure Control, Diaphram Gas Valve, Direct Coupled Actuator, Gas Pressure Switch, Contactors, Relay, Vav Controllers, Head End, Repeaters, Flow Switch, Ahu Controllers
Fire Alarm
Fire Alarm Panels, Photoelectric Smoke/Heat Detectors, Pull Station, Duct Smoke Detector, Horn Strobe, Fire/Smoke Damper Actuators, Relay Modules, Power Supply/Booster Panel, IR Fire Detector
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