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How to start buying on eBay

You can browse for items as a guest, but to buy and sell, you need to register. As a member you can:
  • Buy and sell items on eBay.

  • Track up to 200 items at a time.

  • Create reviews and post to our community boards.

  • Use My eBay to manage your buying and selling activities.

  • When you’re ready, register to get started.
Read information for new members
  • When you register you’ll be asked to read and agree to our User Agreement.

  • Learn how to get the help you needby using our online help system.

  • Stay in touch with our community. We have a number of community resources to help you stay informed about the latest events, programs, and news.

  • Use My eBay to help you track and manage your buying, selling, messages, account information, and preferences.

Learn about trust and safety on eBay
  • Beware of spoof (fake)emails that claim to be sent by eBay. They ask you to reply with personal information, such as your credit card number, social security number, or account password. Learn how to spot a spoof email and what to do about it.

  • Before you buy an item, review the feedback that other members have left for a seller. Learning about a seller’s trading history helps you decide whether they are someone you feel secure trading with.

  • To help create a safe and fair trading environment, we define rules and policies for all members.

  • To help keep you safe when buying and selling, we also offer protection programs for buyers and sellers.

  • If you ever need to resolve a dispute you can use our Resolution Center.

Start buying and selling
When you’re ready to start buying, begin by searching or browsing for items you’re interested in. There are lots of ways to buy. Learn about the different ways you can buy and bid. If you want to start selling, find out more about selling basics.

Register for an eBay account


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